The offshore companies which we provide the formation of are not taxed in Seychelles, it means they have the special status of being tax-free in the country of registration. In the event you opt for registration of Seychelles onshore company – this is different company type needed if you want to do business in Seychelles itself. Such companies are taxed in accordance with the applicable Seychelles taxation regulations. The offshore Seychelles companies are not subject to double tax treaties signed by Seychelles. Onshore companies can use the advantages of such treaties. Before deciding which type of company you need to register and to know its taxation regime in the Seychelles, please feel free to contact us.

Please be informed that we do not provide any sort of tax advisory for taxation outside of the Seychelles and such info on taxation can be obtained by you from the respective local tax advisors. Please be aware that each country has its particular taxation regulations thus, before registration your Seychelles company, obtain all the relevant info on how the income form such Seychelles offshore company would be taxed in your country of main operations or residence.