offshore company formation and bank account opening in Seychelles
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Republic of Seychelles – best practice and state support

Since the 90s of the last century, an active reform of fiscal and corporate law has begun in the island state of the Republic of Seychelles. A number of legislative acts were adopted allowing for the possibility of registration of various international companies and offshore entities. In particular, the legislative act regulating the activities of business companies, which involves the following organizational forms:

  • International business companies – imply international activity outside the jurisdiction and are exempt from taxation;
  • Special licensed companies – established to carry out certain activities that require a state license;
  • Companies with limited and unlimited liability – carry out their activities at the local market and are taxed on general grounds. Companies have the status of resident, which allows optimizing taxes at the international level;
  • Offshore trusts are most often used to ensure that information about the founders of the trust and the final beneficiaries is not disclosed.

To register one of the above organizational forms in the Seychelles, Constituent Documentation is submitted to the relevant state body and the state registration fee is paid.
At the same time, state registration of already existing foreign legal entities is permissible. For this purpose, coordination with the state authorities of the country of initial registration is not required.

Offshore company registration – expenses and requirements

Jurisdictions with zero or preferential tax rates are an excellent opportunity to obtain additional profit by optimizing tax payments or a general tax base. A clear advantage of this scheme is the fact that you do not violate the laws in force in your country and exclude the risk of prosecution by the fiscal authorities.

The following characteristics are typical for the Seychelles as an offshore jurisdiction:

  • simple procedure for the registration of an international company and minimum requirements;
  • relatively low cost of annual renewal of state registration (from $100);
  • absence of such state instruments as restrictions on the repatriation of financial assets and state currency control;
  • tax exemption for international offshore companies and trusts.

It is worth noting that the statutory fund of an offshore company in the Seychelles is declared and is not mandatory for payment.Offshore companies are exempt from annual financial reporting and audit. The ownership of an international offshore company requires the following documents:

  • Certificate of state registration of offshore education;
  • Protocol on the appropriate allocation of senior officials;
  • Charter and constituent contract of an offshore company.

However, it is worth considering that you will need certain skills and knowledge of local legislation for self-registration of an offshore company in the Seychelles. In addition, company’s registration involves certain expenses.

The expenditure part of the procedure for the registration of an offshore company may include the following items:

  • Development and preparation of constituent documentation and relevant resolutions;
  • State registration fee;
  • Local agent and secretary services;
  • Printing production costs and courier mail.

When using the services of nominee shareholders or managers, the costs are increased accordingly.

If you have been planning to bring your business to the international market for a long time and considering the Seychelles as a base, there is an alternative possibility for you to build an offshore scheme. You can buy a ready-made offshore company.

Buying a registered company – opportunities and benefits

Buying an already registered company is an excellent opportunity to get an already structured company of international level. You won’t have to delve into all the subtleties and nuances of the registration procedure. You will be able to become the owner of an offshore company or trust in just one hour.

All you need to do is to determine the goals of your business scheme and choose the option that best meets these requirements. Concerning other details of the economic and commercial activities of a registered offshore education, ask qualified employees for help.

A ready-made offshore company is the best option for those who appreciate their time. It is worth noting that the cost of the finished company does not differ much from the traditional registration. You only need to pay organizational expenses, and in return you get peace of mind and guaranteed results in the shortest possible time. Do not forget that time is a very expensive resource nowadays and it requires additional costs.

Additional opportunities

Buying a ready-made offshore company, you can immediately purchase nominal service. Thus, you will ensure maximum confidentiality and won’t appear in the registers of shareholders and managers.
In addition, there is an opportunity to acquire companies with experience. The stability and overall life of the company is of great importance in concluding transactions and finding international partners. A ready-made offshore company with the experience excludes the risk of being labeled a one-day offshore company, which allows building long-term business schemes.
Please, remember that the age of your company is a sign of respectability of your business and creates a positive image in the eyes of your potential partners.

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