Apostille – an apostille is a special seal applied by the authority to certify that a file is the true copy of an original. An apostille is applicable in international locations, which have signed the Hague convention on Legalization.

Beneficiary – the person(s), who are the true beneficial owners of the Seychelles company shares. Such beneficiary, apart from the physical person, can be a charity, foundation or any other legal entity. In such case, final beneficiary is to be indicated.

Double Tax Treaty – the agreement signed between two countries supposed to relieve persons from double taxation who would in other case be subject to tax in both countries.

Tax Exempt business enterprise – the legal entity in Seychelles having the special status of being exempted from tax in the country of its incorporation.

IBC – International Business Company – the legal type of a company in Seychelles which is permitted to operate outside of country only.

Memorandum – the Memorandum and articles of association the Seychelles IBC an IBC, equivalent to articles of incorporation.

Nominee Director – a person who acts on your behalf as a ‘the front’ director of the organization. In some jurisdictions, the nominee director also can be another offshore legal entity.

Registered Agent –  the registered agent is the legal entity indicated in the articles of incorporation of Seychelles company as the provider of incorporation and administration services for your company.

Registered office – the registered address of Seychelles company which is registered in the companies documents and where the registered agent can be located and where all the main company documents are to be held.

Registrar – the official Registrar of all offshore Seychelles companies – it is the organization being the governmental body controlling the formation and renewal of offshore legal entities created under the laws of Seychelles.