When putting in place an offshore company in Seychelles, there are most important documents that clarify the details of the organization and lay out the framework of the capital structure and governance of the company. The Memorandum of association is the first file drafted and filed with the registrar. It specifies the purpose and name of the company, place of the registered office, the corporation objects, legal responsibility of the individuals and proportion share capital and other related details of the Seychelles offshore entity.

The registered legal address is the address of an offshore corporation in Seychelles used by offshore company and authorities for shipping legitimate correspondence to a Seychelles business enterprise. This place is also the location where all documents of the Seychelles offshore corporation are to be maintained. The registered address/office is of the particular importance as this is the address indicated on all company documents.

In most cases, the registered address is, in fact, the address of the registered agent where the office of the registered agent is located. The registered agent is the duly licensed company in Seychelles which has this particular status and can register and administer Seychelles companies.

The answer is no. The entire registration can be done over the post. the Once your Seychelles company is registered – you obtain the complete incorporation package to the address you indicate.

Yes, you can act in the both roles. There are no limitations on who can be company shareholder or director regarding the country of residence or citizenship, and the same person can act in both roles.

There are numerous ways to use your Seychelles offshore company. Just to name a few – global funding, holding international real estate, protection of assets, opening and operation of bank accounts, import and export activities, consulting and other professional services, etc.

Your Seychelles offshore company can be formed as fast as within just 24 hours from the time of your order. This requires that all the prerequisites on the documents which are required from your side are provided in full and in time.